Activated Carbon Interrelation of Properties

There is a relationship between BET surface area and CTC adsorption and this is taken into account when specifications are formulated.

CTC activity, density and ash content are interrelated and provide a simple means of manufacturing control. As quality, or degree of activation increases, CTC activity and ash content increase and density decreases.

Furthermore, CTC activity being equal, coconut carbons show higher density and lower ash content than coal based carbons. Wood based carbons show much lower density than either coal or coconut carbons but ash contents midway between coal and coconut carbons.

Thus, these properties are not only a means of controlling quality during manufacture but may also assist in determining the raw material and quality of an unknown carbon.

CTC activity, density, hardness, mesh size and raw material information will enable selection of a suitable carbon for most common applications (excepting those utilizing chemisorption as the prime mechanism).

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