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Cheap Tubes

Cheap Tubes supplies the carbon nanotube & graphene products you need at the prices you want to pay.  We’ve supplied high quality  carbon nanotubes and graphene products to academic and corporate researchers since 2005.  Why not join the thousands of customers who have seen the Cheap Tubes difference?

Cheap Tubes has recently moved into a new manufacturing facility to better serve our customers needs. We are ready to assist you!

Graphene Ink is now available! Please contact us to discuss your graphene ink needs. Our graphene ink can be deposited using conventional coating technologies for a variety of applications.

Prices are in grams for most products and per kilograms for Conductive Nanotubes Composite, Carbon Nanotube Masterbatches, Industrial Grade Carbon Nanotubes. Kg’s can be purchased for gram scale products by entering 1000g (you don’t have to scroll up, just type it in). CVD graphene Films are sold per substrate or 4 pack of substrates.  You can search by sku# as well.


UniversityWafer, Inc.

One of the most tedious processes in supplying the researchers with affordable substrates is quoting. In fact, it is so time consuming that most wafer supply firms won’t even quote a job for a small run, never-mind a single wafer.

Most researchers have experienced being ignored. They send a request, then they wait for the quote that never comes. They then send a follow-up email. And they wait some more. Finally the researcher makes the phone call. When the researcher tells the wafer vendor that they just want one wafer they are either hung-up on or provided with a ridiculously high quote and long lead-items.

But there is hope!

UniversityWafer, Inc. was created to cater to the researcher who wants small quantities and short lead-times. Our professional staff is trained to handle even the most difficult low volume requests and we pride ourselves on fast responses and turnaround.

Why buy in volume if you don’t have to?!

11 Elkins Street
South Boston, MA
United States
ACS Material, LLC

ACS MATERIAL is a high-tech enterprise involved in advanced nanomaterials development and production.

Our goal is to provide high quality nanomaterial products, service or technical proposals. Our products include:


Single-layer graphene
Graphene oxide
Graphene nanoplates
Carboxyl graphene
Graphite oxide

Molecular sieves


Carbon series

Activated carbon
Graphite nanopowder
Order mesoporous carbon CMK-3
High-order 3-D mesporous carbon (Ia3d)
Porous carbon

Metal nanomaterials

Antioxidation dispersible copper nanoparticles
Copper colloidals
Nickel nanoparticles
Silver nanoparticles
Silver nanowires

We have established close and steady relationship with many well-known research universities, national laboratories and innovative companies.

We will supply the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for our customers. Furthermore, our research team will provide the professional after-sale service wholeheartedly.

We think you will enjoy shopping with ACS materials-an advanced material supplier.
Primary Activity

Advanced Nanomaterials Development and Production

1 (866) 2270656
18 Vernon Street, Medford
United States
United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

UMI-2000 is a supplier of Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange (IX) Resins and Adsorption Filtration Equipment. Eastern, Central and Western USA distribution points stock activated carbon in all forms – GAC, PAC and Extruded Pellets (EAC) from coal, coconut shell, wood and hard anthracite. We also design, size and build custom fabricated liquid and vapor phase activated carbon adsorption systems. Additional filter media we offer are organically modified clay, filter sand & gravel, anthracite and specialty impregnated activated carbon(s). Full technical support including isotherms and activated carbon use rate estimates.  

820 Kimball Road, Ste. 1002, Red Bluff CA 96080-4586
Haycarb PLC Sri Lanka

Haycarb PLC is a world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of coconut shell activated carbon. Accounting for over 16% of the global market share, the company has an annual capacity of over 42,000 metric tons of activated carbon. Haycarb manufactures a complete range of standard, washed and impregnated granular activated carbon, powder activated carbon and extruded pellet activated carbon for a full spectrum of applications in Water Treatment, Air Treatment, Gold Recovery, Food and Beverage Industry, Energy Storage and Specialty Applications.

General Carbon Corp

General Carbon Corp. inventories several lines of activated carbon and filtration equipment for both air and water applications. Custom manufacturer of activated carbon, filters and filter media. Types of filters include activated carbon, air, carbon removal, cartridge, charcoal, heavy metal removal, industrial, liquid or air sterilizing, taste and odor removal, oil, panel, particulate, drinking and industrial water and wine and spirit filters.

Types of filter media include activated carbon, hydrosil impregnated with potassium permanganate, oil sorbent fibers and activated alumina. Charcoal, fans, filter housings, contaminant breakthrough indicators, panels and pressure vessels are also available. Services include carbon reactivation and engineering.

Applications include flue gas, odor removal, air purification, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, drinking water, removal of color bodies, paper mills, refineries, petrochemical plants, steel and copper mills, pharmaceuticals, medical, food, transportation and storage, restaurants and clean rooms

33 Paterson Street
ADCOA – Adsorbents and Desiccants Corporation of America

Adsorbents & Desiccants Corporation of America (ADCOA) including Activated Alumina, Activated Charcoal, Bagged Desiccants, Circuit Breaker Desiccants, Dehydrators & Dryers, Molecular Sieves, Silica Gel.

We maintain a full service warehouse and offer technical assistance to satisfy your drying and purification needs. Design and engineering capabilities of our staff enable the customer to choose a system to meet specific applications requirements. Complete manufacturing facilities allow scale-up from prototype to full production. Optimum service with quick delivery guaranteed. Assurance of quality is backed by many years of reliable service experience.

Manufacturer & distributor of absorbers including activated carbon used for adsorbing hydrocarbons from liquid & gas streams. Adsorbers are available with 28 lbs./cu. ft. to 30 lbs./cu. ft. bulk density. Prepackaged sachet-style packet adsorbents are also available. Adsorbers are also used for purification of potable, industrial & ground water, adsorbing corrosive & odor-causing gases. Engineering, custom prototypes, custom designs, custom packaging & private labeling are also available.

Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

We are the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: water.  We have a more than 100-year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service.

Depend on Evoqua for products and solutions that cover every aspect of your application, whether it’s wastewater treatment, process water, drinking or specialty water. For more than 100 years, customers worldwide have turned to proven products from such Evoqua brands as Wallace & Tiernan, Aquamedia, Chlorco, Himsley International, and many more.

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment Equipment and Systems
Powdered Activated Carbon
Vapor Phase Carbon Treatment and Systems

California Carbon Co., Inc.

California Carbon provides virgin coconut shell based and coal based granular and pelletized activated carbons, custom activated carbon manufacturing and non-hazardous spent carbon reactivation.