Pelletized Activated Carbon and Its Usages

Pellet activated carbon produced from coal, wood and coconut shell, either by high temperature steam activation or chemical activation under stringent quality control. With low ash content, large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability.

By varying manufacturing conditions, internal pore structures are created that impart unique adsorption properties specific to each product type. The choice of product for a specific application will vary due to differing impurities and process conditions.

Pelletized activated carbon is created by extruding activated carbon into cylindrical shaped pellets with diameters ranging from 0.8 to 5 mm. Their high activity and surface area make it ideal for many vapor phase applications. The uniformity of its shape makes it particularly useful in applications where low-pressure drop is a consideration.

Pelletized activated carbon provides lower pressure drop than granular activated carbon in fixed-bed purification of gases and vapors. The adsorptive capacity of pelletized carbon makes it ideal for removing a variety of contaminants from air and gas streams. Pellets are also an environmentally responsible product that can be reactivated through thermal oxidation and used multiple times for the same application.

Applications include gasoline vapor recovery for automotive applications, solvent recovery, air purification, odor control, catalysis and removal of corrosive gases.  Pelletized activated carbons are extremely hard, durable and low in dust content. They are particularly well suited for recovery of solvents and for evaporative emissions controls.

The pellets are available in different diameters and chemistry to meet a variety of application requirements.  Pelletized activated carbons specifically designed for gasoline vapor recovery. Customers can select activated carbon products with the proven physical properties and design flexibility needed to achieve optimum performance in their own canister systems.

The features and benefits of pelletized automotive carbons include the highest working capacity, low density, low flow restriction, low diurnal emissions, and superior durability.

Solvent Recovery, Air Purification, Acid Gas-Odor Control – Pelletized carbons are used for the control of organic pollutants in a variety of off-gas applications for environmental purposes. They are particularly well suited for use in solvent recovery systems where cyclohexanone is the solvent, and in systems with other solvents that see traces of heavy components that shorten the bed life of other types of carbons. They are also
used to purify many types of industrial and hydrocarbon gases in fixed beds or pressure swing adsorption applications such as natural gas purification and helium recovery.

Other Uses – Catalysis/Catalyst support

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