Activated carbon is widely used for odour control


removal at a number of stages in municipal sewage treatment. Odours can develop at a number of points in municipal waste water treatment plants where sewage is agitated or where sludge accumulates. This includes pumping stations, head works, trickling filters, digesters and at sludge handling and storage areas.

The Carbon Filtering Process is generally used for Indoor Air Purification/(quality),  (Odor) control and (emission control) Processing. Activated carbon is a general term of adsorbents that have been manufactured from a variety of carbon-based materials. Each base material results in an activated carbon with unique physical characteristics that determine its suitability for treatment applications.

The ability of activated carbon filters to remove impurities from the air is one of the reasons it is commonly used for indoor air quality, odor control and emission control systems. Carbon Filter use continues to increase as more industries and consumers consider their environmental impact.


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